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Clem Sunter business breakfast at Christel House

Scenario Strategist Clem Sunter, was welcomed as the guest speaker at a Christel House Business Breakfast. Clem shared insight into the five red flags for organizations in South Africa. His core message was that any organization, be it a business or school, should adapt the ‘mind of a fox’; taking on the challenges of their environment and staying ahead of the game.

‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ was highlighted as an important agenda item to address the current economic situation in South Africa. Christel House South Africa CEO, Nicky Sheridan, took Clem up on the challenge for Christel House to include an entrepreneurship program.

The proceeds from the Business Breakfast sponsored 35 pupils who will receive a nutritional breakfast for an entire year.  We thank Clem Sunter for giving his time, and to our supporters who attended the event.                                                

Take a moment to watch Clem Sunter in the video linked above and find out more about these five flags to be mindful of in South Africa.

Read more about Clem Sunter and his Mind of a Fox planning at: www.mindofafox.com

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