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The Amazing Journey of Taariq Salie

At the age of eleven, Taariq Salie saw something no child should ever have to experience – a murder. Most can’t imagine the horror and how it would affect us. But Taariq says the terrible experience now motivates him. Growing up with the violence, poverty and despair in his South Africa neighborhood, he was determined to make a difference with his life. Christel House has been there to support his dreams and vision. Taariq Salie started at Christel House South Africa as a six-year-old student. Like most kids, he remembers his first day of first grade as an emotional one. But the fear and trepidation quickly changed as the young boy with a remarkable determination and commitment to hard work made friends and embraced his new school. Taariq, a 2014 graduate of Christel House South Africa is now enrolled at the University of Western Cape studying to be a lawyer. Recently, Taariq traveled to the United States to share his story of resilience, determination and hard work with an audience at the 2016 Christel House Concert. Watch and experience his amazing journey of hope.

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