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Enthusiastic readers take the challenge

A competition to encourage students to read at Christel House South Africa was a huge success inspiring kids to read thousands of pages! The month-long challenge awarded prizes to kids that read 1,000 pages. According to Celeste Fredericks, librarian at the school, children were required to read aloud to each other in the presence of the librarian, class teachers or volunteers during free time. One student stood out — sixth grader Tamia M., impressed Fredericks. “Tamia spent every break period and spare moment she had reading aloud to me in the library, eventually achieving an impressive total of 8,406 pages read! When I asked her how she achieved this astounding result, Tamia simply replied: ‘I love reading and I had a whole month to read.’”

“We have many initiatives in our library during the year, but no other competition has been as successful in getting children to read, or influence non-readers to pick up books and start reading,” says Fredericks. “For me, that was our ultimate achievement.”

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