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Christel House students receive outdoor table tennis with African inspired art

Non-profit organisation and responsible tourism initiative, Uthando SA, and their community development partner, We Are Africa, have generously donated a permanent table tennis structure to Christel House South Africa. Table tennis is a very popular sport with our students so the school was delighted to receive their first outdoor table for all students to use. Uthando SA works on a broad range of innovative and inspiring community development projects, including the cement table tennis project, which aims to promote an interest in table tennis among students. Uthando SA’s projects are made possible by partnering with select sponsors which, in this case, was We Are Africa.

Christel House Art students helped to beautify the table tennis alongside renowned street artist, Juma Mkwela, who also supervised the creative process. The colours, patterns and artwork design was all inspired by Heritage Month, which takes place annually during the month of September to celebrate the rich culture and diversity of South Africa.

James Fernie, Founding Director of Uthando SA said, “Through the table tennis initiative, we hope to provide schools and students with a functional piece of artwork that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides an opportunity to be engaged in a positive, uplifting sporting activity.”

The final product, which is a brightly coloured table tennis that speaks to the cultural heritage of South Africa is now permanently mounted for all students to use.


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