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Mark Sham hosts "Back to the Future" events to aid Christel House

Renowned speaker and founder of Suits & Sneakers, Mark Sham, held two inspiring events in October in aid of Christel House. Themed “Back to the Future”, the first event was held at the Wits Linder Auditorium (Johannesburg) on 17 October and the second at Christel House (Cape Town) on 24 October.

The events attracted more than 600 attendees and included special guest speakers like John Sanei, Gilan Gork and Christel House’s chair, Ian Russell. The “Back to the Future” events focused on how digitisation and technology is changing our world at a rapid pace and how we need to adapt our learning in order to thrive in the future.

“CHSA is incredibly dear to my heart because I believe that all young people should have access to quality education, so that they have an equal opportunity to make something of their lives,” said Sham. The goal of Suits and Sneakers is to fix some of the many educational issues in South Africa by creating a re-imagined schooling system that offers quality education at no cost to those who need it the most, but can’t afford it. At Christel House South Africa (CHSA), we do exactly that.




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