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Preparing young students for the future through coding

We officially launched coding as a compulsory subject for our youngest students from Grades 1 to 6. In line with global technology trends, we acknowledge that coding with will become a basic literacy requirement in the digital age and that understanding the fundamentals of technology will be essential to securing a job in the future. As such, we have employed a dedicated Coding Teacher, Mr. Adam Daniels, to develop and implement our coding classes in Junior School.

Currently each grade has one hour of coding per week. Program lessons focus on core introductory themes ranging from the basic functionality of devices, the structure of an operating system and how to code logic statements, concepts and variables.  Teaching a child at an early age how to code facilitates critical thinking, helps with problem solving, instill a love for mathematics and helps to become more ‘future proof’ in a changing global environment. “Many of our learners don’t yet know about the broad spectrum of fields that coding can lead them into and that is what drives me to spark their interest in coding,” says Mr. Daniels.

As a Microsoft Showcase school, we continue to make use of an ICT blended curriculum where we use Microsoft Teams, Forms and various other online services daily to deliver our teachings and equip our students with modern-day skills.

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