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Study shows Christel House works!

An independent study released by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) confirms the Christel House holistic education model works. “The saying that ‘talent is everywhere but opportunity is not,’ is especially true when we look at the disadvantaged youth in South Africa,” says Adri Marais, CEO, Christel House South Africa. “Students who attend our school are the same as the many young South Africans who are identified as multidimensionally poor, yet our students are given the right tools, skills and support - and they thrive.”

The HSRC study was commissioned by CHSA and explored the Christel House model through three lenses: (1) results achieved compared to other schools; (2) the culture and practices implemented; and (3) how successful we are at improving the social mobility of our alumni. The study shows Christel House students consistently outperform their peers; Christel House teaching and learning are agile and innovative; our school culture and practices are empathetic and loving; and we have a deep understanding of the home-school nexus. Although our alumni are young and face many barriers to social mobility, our employment success rate surpasses the national average by almost double. “The HSRC research allowed us to prove that what we call our ‘Christel House magic’ works,” concludes Marais.

Click here for more details on the HSRC report in the 2020 Christel House South Africa Annual Report. 

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