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A Multipurpose Hall that can do it all

After 2 years of construction, we are ecstatic to have our new Multipurpose Hall completed. We are now not only able to house our matric students in our pop-up dorms and help them prepare for the upcoming exams, the hall also transitions into a tutor hub during the day.

As part of our matric intensive program, we provide all our Grade 12’s with a safe and conducive learning environment to best prepare for their exams. For a number of years, we housed our matrics at an off-site facility, but made the bold decision to retrofit our hall with functional pop-up dorms to accommodate our students. The Multipurpose Hall now provides the necessary warmth, silence, safety and security our students need to study for their exams and receive additional tutoring. Our new space now includes comfortable beds, ablutions, tutoring spaces and additional learning pods. During exam times our Matric Intensive programme kicks into full swing and the pop-up dorms provide a space that is conducive to studying – a place where everyone has a desk, where there is food, coffee and tutor assistance virtually round the clock. Block-out curtains allow for a good night’s sleep and study areas are there for those who need to burn the midnight oil.  

“We use our hall to hold assemblies and provide an open space for extracurricular activities like volleyball and fencing. These days, with Covid and with the help of some room dividers, it is also serving as makeshift classrooms. This year we built a gallery and functional floating pods for additional seating space at events (one day….) and to serve as “pop-up dorms”. We are fortunate to be able to provide this to our students thanks to their willingness to work hard, all the teachers who sacrifice their evenings to provide tutorial support and of course to our donors who helped us make this possible,” says Adri Marais, CEO at Christel House SA.

Despite all the COVID-19 disruptions, we hope that our matric’s will once again do us proud and achieve a 100% matric pass rate as in 2020. 


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