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Leading digital innovation in education with Microsoft

We are very proud to have been awarded Microsoft Showcase School status for the fourth year in a row. Showcase schools are officially recognised by Microsoft for creating student-centered, immersive, and inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning, stimulating development of essential future-ready skills so students are empowered to achieve more. As one of only four schools in South Africa and the only school in the Western Cape to obtain this status, it is a great honour and opportunity for us to be a part of the international Microsoft Showcase Schools Program.

An increasing number of our teaching staff are also taking advantage of training opportunities with Microsoft and have recently received their MIEE (Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts) certificates and MCE (Microsoft Certified Educators) certificates.

The MIE Experts complete training to become skilled at integrating technology into the classroom and once certified, they form part of a global teaching community that revolutionizes teaching within the classroom. We are proud of the following 20 teachers who have obtained their MIEE qualification: Amy Abrahams, Habiel Adams, Heidi Alexander, Zondre Bantom, Donetha Cupido, Peter Davey, Mikhayla Dennis, Yulinda Dodgen, Beverley Esterhuizen, Cedric Esterhuizen, Celeste Fredericks, Faheema Harris, Nasar Harris, Joleen Macleod, Imtiaz Noor, Amanda Page, Cheryn Ridge, Althea Stevens and Shaun Stevens.

The MCE certification validates those educators who have the global educator technology literacy competencies needed to provide a rich, custom learning experience for students. Congratulations to the following 12 teachers who have obtained their MCE qualification: Heidi Alexander, Zondre Bantom, Donetha Cupido, Peter Davey, Mikhayla Dennis, Beverley Esterhuizen, Cedric Esterhuizen, Imtiaz Noor, Amanda Page, Cheryn Ridge, Callie McEvoy and Rosco Hendricks. In addition, our ICT Educator Champion, Cheryn Ridge, received the very prestigious recognition as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow.  This coveted badge was awarded to Cheryn for demonstrating committed leadership and excellence in coaching our MIE Experts. “We are thrilled to be recognised as a Microsoft Showcase School for fostering a culture of learning, innovation and continuous improvement. It is a privilege coaching this dynamic team. The educators’ determination, creativity and innovative solutions have assisted us, with support from Microsoft Education, to transition into a blended learning environment. Microsoft has allowed us to really work together, learn and teach with innovation at the heart of what we do,” says Cheryn.

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