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Virtual art exhibition in collaboration with Iziko Museums showcases local talent for Heritage Week

Our school partnered with Iziko Museums for a virtual art exhibition to showcase the unique talents, culture, lived experiences and heritage of our students living on the Cape Flats. The exhibition, entitled ‘Through our eyes: A virtual glimpse into the lives of the youth of Christel House South Africa’ went live during national Heritage Week on Iziko Museums website.  

The virtual exhibition took the form of a 5-minute video clip available on the Iziko Museum’s website and our YouTube page. The showcase included 45 artworks from our current and past high school art students as well as three musical items performed live by our school’s Grade 10 music students. The medium of the art pieces ranged from acrylic on canvas and chalk pastel to Lino print and pen drawings.

Storm, a Grade 12 student, has a passion for art and would like to pursue a career in the creative industry. He said, “I really enjoy art because it gives me a platform to express myself and show my emotions on paper. Art makes me feel free.”

Matthew, a Grade 10 student, added: “Art is my passion, that’s why I love it. It takes me to a different world, where there is only good. The bad is dimmed away.”

The unique exhibition was curated by our Art Teacher, Ms. Vivienne Stewart, who was instrumental in launching the art department at our school in 2010 and grew the number of art students year on year. She noted, “What a great opportunity and a privilege to be able to showcase our students’ art via the Iziko Museum. I am absolutely thrilled about the collaboration. It is amazing that our students’ work will be exposed to a wider audience. Often, there is a bit of an imbalance in the focus of subjects being offered at school. Not every student leans toward Science or Mathematics. The Arts tend to be overlooked. Studying art brings out one's creativity, self-expression and in some cases self-healing. Art breaks down barriers and unites students of all languages and cultures.”


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