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Guests attend our first-ever Special Tours event

Christel House South Africa hosted a Special Tours event of our campus on Wednesday, 17 November. The COVID-friendly tour format allowed visitors to see our school's various programmes and experience the Christel House magic. Guests experienced student-led tours showcasing programmes like coding, robotics, droning, our custom-built learner management system called Ziva and our new Matric Study Intensive ‘pop-up dorms’, which host matric students overnight and allow them to study in the school’s hall during their final exams. Students also entertained guests with delightful musical performances throughout the tour and exhibited their top artworks.

This event was the first opportunity since 2019 that the school could host a public event to welcome donors, partners and friends of the school. One of our long-standing donors and Member Engagement Executive at the Actuarial Society of South Africa, Michelle Abrahams said, “I am absolutely blown away by today’s event, particularly how Christel House has moved with technology. As the Actuarial Society, we can see where our money is going and we will continue to be a connected partner.”

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the event. A special thanks to all of our donors, sponsors, and partners for your continued support and donations throughout the year.


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