10X: Widening our Impact
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10X: Widening our Impact

The 10X department at Christel House SA is a strategic initiative to widen our impact to an increased number of beneficiaries through innovative projects and partnerships.


Youth Bridge – finding sustainable and viable solutions to unemployment

Our Youth Bridge programme draws on lessons learnt from our school’s successful efforts to hold youth while they navigate the uncertain terrain of unemployment.


Youth Bridge supports unemployed youth (15 to 35-year-olds) and helps them bridge the gap between their undiscovered ambitions and abilities and the opportunities that await them. Key to the programme’s success is addressing the barriers to stable, successful employment through a character-based, career-focused readiness programme and then continuing to hold and support through the first periods of placement. The programme offers unemployed youth the opportunity to engage in a 6-month programme that includes full-time 1.5-month intensive contact sessions, bolstered by 4.5 months of longitudinal support and mentorship.


If you would like to become a project partner, please contact Ayanda Mvandaba, Managing Partner 10X on 021 704 9451  or amvandaba@sa.christelhouse.org.


Simunye - bridging the wealth divide

Our Simunye project is a partnership between five schools in Cape Town that aims to nurture long-lasting relationships between South African youth from various ends of the wealth spectrum. The participating schools include Christel House SA, Die Duine Primary, Rondebosch Boys Prep, Mzamomtsha Primary and St Cyprians Girls School.


The project allows for intentional interactions during the year, which provides students with an opportunity to demystify any preconceived beliefs, to build commonality, and to build relationships. The goal is for students to develop their networks (social capital) in the future and create opportunities for themselves and others. The project forms part of a global partnership, called the Wealth Inequality Initiative (WII) that sheds light on the global challenge of wealth inequality.


Greening initiative – sharing our resources

With the help of our donors and friends, we donate our greened ICT to deserving schools within our broader community.


For more information on any of our 10X programmes, please email 10x@sa.christelhouse.org