Character Development
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Strength of character is as important as academic achievement

Christel House's character development programme rests on four timeless values: respect, responsibility, independence and integrity.

Children who grow up in poverty face ongoing challenges, and strength of character is as important as education.

At Christel House South Africa, we teach values and build character. Learners are expected to make good choices, to hope, to dream and to work hard to achieve those dreams. They are encouraged to consider careers that will make a positive social contribution. Our school culture of independence, responsibility and accountability is producing Active Citizens for South Africa.

Christel House kids make the right choices. While negativity, greed and corruption often flourish within impoverished communities, our students are honest, hard-working and compassionate. Christel House students care for their families and communities, and have a desire to make the world a better place.

No matter where you come from, your circumstances don't have to dictate who you become. Keep focused, set goals, have ambition.

-Lericia, Christel House South Africa. Lericia and her siblings lived out of a shopping trolley after her parents died.