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Student Applications

Applications for Grade RR are now closed. Applications for Grades 2-12 remain open.

Please read the terms & conditions below  

  • Please ensure that you provide us with at least 2 working contact numbers. Your application may be disqualified if you miss scheduled appointments due to incorrect contact information.
  • Applications that have incorrect/missing information will not be processed. This means that all required documentation requested must accompany each application.
  • Submitting an application to Christel House does not guarantee placement for your child. We receive large volumes of applications each year and only have a limited number of spaces available.
  • Please ensure that you apply to and accept placements from other schools for your child. If your child is accepted into Christel House, a staff member will inform you telephonically.
  • Christel House South Africa reserves the right to disqualify an application at any time during the admissions process should the application not meet the admissions criteria.
  • Christel House South Africa reserves the right to disqualify an application if found to have been dishonest.
  • Christel House South Africa reserves the right to prioritize qualifying siblings of current Christel House families.


Only applicants who meet all of our non-negotiable qualifying criteria mentioned below will be considered:
  • Age requirement for Grade RR: The applicant must be turning 5 in the year they start Grade RR. (This means that for Grade RR 2024, they must be born in 2019). PLEASE NOTE: We are not accepting applications for Grade R and 1 as we do not usually have space available in these grades. Our Grade RRs & Rs who pass, automatically fill the Grade R & 1 class for the next year. We will however advertise spaces for these grades if they become available.
  • Results requirement for Grade 2 - 12 (last 2 reports with a code 6 or 7 OR 70%+ in English, Mathematics & 1st Additional Language)
  • Financial Need: Your average household income must be R1500 or less per person per month. To calculate: Count the total income (salaries, social grants & stipends) your household receives per month (e.g., R5000 in total). Divide this number by the number of people staying in your house (e.g., 5 people) to get the average income per person. For example: R5000 divided by 5 people = R1000 per person per month.
  • Location: Child must currently & permanently live in one of these areas at the time of application: Hanover Park; Manenberg; Tambo Square; Jim se Bos; Philippi Browns Farm (as far as Stock Road, no further); Philippi Farms; Smallville; Springfield; Phumlani; Lotus River; Strandfontein; Pelican Park; Lansdowne; Parkwood; Langa; Athlone: Kewtown, Bridgetown, Silvertown, Belgravia, Parktown, Pook Se Bos, Statishights, Bokmakierie; Ottery; Freedom Park; Mitchell’s Plain (Eastridge, Beacon Valley & Lentegeur only)

*Disclaimer: High School applicants who live close and around the above-listed areas may be considered. Considerations will be made based on space availability on our buses and the family’s ability to access public transport and affordability. Christel House Admissions Criteria applies.

Please note: If you do not meet ALL of our non-negotiable qualifying criteria listed above, your application will not be processed.

To apply for Grade 2-12 for 2023 and 2024,fill out the form below.

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For more information, please contact our Admissions Office on 067 035 6608 (WhatsApp) or email or call 021 704 9429.

We don't just educate, feed, provide healthcare or help your child into a great career - we do all these things.

-Eugenia Dlodlo-Sibanda, Christel House Dean of Student Development