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Education has always been the pathway to a better life

When children enter the school as kindergarteners, they are often malnourished, developmentally delayed and lacking in self-confidence and self-esteem. Christel House creates a platform upon which each child can build a life of confidence, dignity, self-sufficiency and success.

The school's medium of instruction is English, even though most learners are non-English-speaking when they arrive. With total English immersion and help from classroom language aides, students quickly develop English fluency. Mastery of basic skills is critical, so Christel House spends up to 30% more instructional time on Math and Language than the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) requires.

The Christel House commitment that begins in kindergarten continues through high school and then to college or vocational school. Ultimately, when graduates are successfully established in a career, our mission has been achieved.

And, the results prove Christel House works (2019 statistics)

  • 99% matric pass rate average
  • 95% annual student retention
  • 97% average daily attendance
  • 96% of graduates working, studying or doing both

Coming to Christel House made me realise that when love and an uplifting vision are laid in one's life, transformation takes place.

-Nontando, 2009 Christel House South Africa Graduate, now employed by Chevron