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Estate sale to fund Christel House expansion

As the Founder of Christel House International, Christel DeHaan wanted to provide impoverished children around the world “a seat at the table of life.” With her passing in 2020, her expansive 150-acre home valued at $14 million is now for sale in Indianapolis. “According to Christel’s wishes, she wanted the property sold and the proceeds to continue to support the children and families of Christel House,” says Mark Willis, CIO of CD Enterprises.

Proceeds from the sale of the estate will fund an endowment for Christel House to continue to pay general and administrative costs in perpetuity, ensuring that 100% of donations are used to support programs and services for students. “Among Christel’s many incredible gifts to Christel House, she intended for this house and the proceeds from its sale to go to Christel House International to support our expansion,” says Bart Peterson, President and CEO, Christel House International. “We’re very much focused on our strategic planning process now.” The expansion planning could double the number of Christel House learning centers around the world over the next decade. “The endowment that the sale of the Linden House estate will create will help us accelerate that and bring the unique Christel House model to thousands of more children more quickly than otherwise would have occurred,” says Peterson.  

See a video tour of the home here. 

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