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Teacher leads the charge in developing national resources

Mr. Habiel Adams, our Economics and Business Studies teacher, has been involved with various projects to develop quality Business Studies and Economics resources for students and teachers. He has been at Christel House for 7 years and is one of the top-performing Business Studies teachers in the Western Cape year-on-year.

Recently, he authored a Grade 11 Business Studies textbook, published by The Answer Series, a private publisher. He says the textbook has been written in line with CAPS and the examination guidelines. The learner-centered content, key terminology, topic-based revision questions, and original year-end exemplar question papers with memoranda, may be used by learners nationally to improve their interest, subject competency and performance in Business Studies. “I was motivated to develop a quality Business Studies textbook that may be used to enhance learning and teaching. The curricular needs of the learners and the passion for teaching Business Studies is what drives me,” says Mr. Habiel.

He has also been involved as a lead author in a major digitization textbook project by the Department of Basic Education, which will be launching at the end of April. The EPUB version of the textbook will be freely available for all schools in the country and includes links to videos, to help students understand concepts. From helping with curriculum development; authoring, editing and translating textbooks to training teachers through workshops and teacher guides, Mr. Habiel does it all. “I am passionate about lifelong learning, which is why I’m involved in all of these projects. I learn from my students and other teachers and enjoy sharing my knowledge as well," adds Mr. Habiel.

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