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South Africa celebrates 100% pass rate

Grade 12 students of Christel House South Africa are celebrating. After receiving their final exam results, the graduates achieved a 100% pass rate! The class also had a Bachelor pass rate of 82%, opening doors for students to pursue higher education. “While our academic achievements are commendable,” says Dr. Ronald Fortune, Principal, “the true distinction lies in the extraordinary resilience displayed by our students in overcoming daily challenges within their communities.”

Since Christel House South Africa’s inaugural matriculation year in 2009, the school has maintained an impressive 99% matric pass rate average.

Zia-Ud Din G. is the Valedictorian and top student achieving six academic distinctions. He will be studying medicine at the University of Stellenbosch this year. Zia is the youngest of three and follows in the footsteps of his brother, Mujaahid, who graduated from Christel House in 2016 and became the school’s first dentist. “We are three brothers – my eldest brother is a chef, and my middle brother is a dentist and hopefully I will be the doctor.”

For the Class of 2023, the connection with students does not end with high school graduation. Each of the grads will receive close support and guidance from the Christel House College & Careers team for the next five years to ensure that they enter and complete their tertiary education/training, and secure gainful employment in their chosen career path.

Watch a video featuring Zia, featured on a local news channel in South Africa.



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