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A sobering South Africa statistic: nearly 1 in 3 young South Africans is unemployed or not in school. That’s not the case at Christel House South Africa (CHSA) – 96% of our graduates are continuing their education or employed. That’s because the CHSA College & Careers program offers students guidance before and after they graduate. As part of the support, CHSA teamed up with FutureMe, a South Africa nonprofit focused on bringing students, schools and potential employers together. During a week-long high school career expo, students engaged with universities to explore career paths through continuing education. Several corporations were also on hand to meet about job opportunities. Ziyanda B., Grade 12, is grateful for the networking experience. “I learned so much about myself,” she says. “I gained confidence in what I want to do. And that will make me a better candidate for employment.”

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