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Entrepreneur, writer, speaker and the founder of Suits & Sneakers, Mark Sham, has raised a total of R105,000 through his ‘Birthday Wish’ project. Mark hosted three separate events on the weekend of 1 & 2 May: a virtual run/ walk, a virtual hike, and a birthday gathering.

“My idea was to use my upcoming birthday as an opportunity to raise some funds for some entities that need the help. But I don't just want people to donate and be done. I want to show people where the money is going and shine a spotlight on these entities that are adding real value to society,” said Mark Sham. He reached out to his social media network to ask his followers to donate towards the event, with all of the funding going to Christel House and The Tomorrow Trust.

Thank you to our proud ambassador, Mark Sham, for passionately supporting social change in South Africa and to all the donors for contributing to Christel House’s mission through Mark’s Birthday Wish Project.

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