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A recipe for success - Christel House & Perse School students share family recipes for global cookbook

The Perse School, a top performing independent school in Cambridge, England, has launched a global cookbook project in partnership with Christel House. The cookbook includes recipes and stories from students from around the world, including The Perse School  and Christel House’s schools in South Africa, USA, India and Mexico.

The Perse School started a Christel House club as a way to  come up with ideas to support Christel House’s mission. Rhea Sehgal, one of the Perse School students who conceptualised the cookbook idea, says, “We wanted to connect with the Christel House students and find out more about all the aspirations and values that we share in common. I have personally tried some of the dishes from other countries because I was keen on getting a taste of the other cultures and I really enjoyed them.”

The cookbook features nineteen culturally unique recipes, such as Toad in the Hole from the UK, Peanut Chutney from India, Tamales from Mexico and Bolillo Relleno from the USA. Four South African dishes were also featured, including The Ntozake family’s Chakalaka recipe, which is a quick and easy African spicy vegetable relish. Aviwe N, who shared her families recipe says, “This colourful meal brings me happy family memories because my aunt always prepares it for our monthly family dinners. The different generations meet at someone’s home each month, keeping my family close. I’m very proud of my roots and am excited to share my family recipe with the world.” The Christel House SA students who shared their family recipes are Aviwe N., Imi M., Yondkhapha M., and Timia L.

The Perse School sold over 100 copies of the cookbook at roughly £10 each and all proceeds will go towards Christel House. The digital version of the cookbook is now available for online purchase. Purchase a copy here: https://christelhouse.org/campaign/1637343368/christelhouseeuropeonlinepurchasing/

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